Scuba Diving With Watersports Combo At Grand Island Goa

Grand Island Goa Scuba Diving, nestled off the Goan coastline, is a prime destination for exhilarating scuba diving experiences, offering a gateway to an underwater paradise in the Arabian Sea.

Renowned for its crystal-clear waters and rich marine biodiversity, Grand Island attracts divers worldwide seeking to explore its vibrant underwater ecosystems. The dive sites around Grand Island feature stunning coral reefs, submerged rock formations, and abundant marine life, including colorful fish species, sea turtles, rays, and, occasionally, playful dolphins.

Scuba diving expeditions to Grand Island are conducted by certified and experienced guides and operators who prioritize safety while ensuring an immersive and memorable adventure. From beginners to advanced divers, the dive sites cater to various skill levels, providing opportunities for exploration and discovery for all.

The journey to Grand Island offers breathtaking views of Goa’s coastline and the opportunity to witness the playful antics of dolphins in their natural habitat. The dive experience here is enhanced by the serene and idyllic surroundings, creating an unforgettable escapade into the underwater wonders of Goa.

Diving at Grand Island isn’t just a journey beneath the waves; it’s an encounter with a vibrant and captivating marine world, promising a remarkable and awe-inspiring adventure in the heart of the Arabian Sea.


Embark on an unparalleled aquatic adventure with Boomgoa’s Scuba Diving with Water Sports Combo at Grand Island Goa. Immerse yourself in the captivating underwater world through scuba diving, then amplify the excitement with various thrilling watersports activities. Our meticulously curated combo package guarantees a day of endless fun, combining the serenity of the ocean’s depths with the exhilaration of watersports, all in the breathtaking setting of Grand Island. Join us for an unforgettable day of exploration, thrill, and joy with Boomgoa as your trusted guide.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION: Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Candolim, Senquerim only

DEPARTURE TIME: Pickup at around 08.00 AM from a hotel located in above locations only

RETURN TIME: Return to hotel around 05:00 PM.

WEAR: Swimwear or any comfortable clothing, hat, jacket and sunscreen optional

SIGHTSEEING: Dolphin, Sea bird, Light House, Aguada Fort, Central Jail, Miramar Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Governor House, Monkey Beach

Transportation: Boat

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

Departure / Return Location: Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Candolim, Senquerim only

Departure Time: Pickup at 08.00 AM from a hotel located in the above locations only

Diving Time: Training (10-15 minutes in water) + Actual Fun Dive for 20 minutes only.

Return Time: Return to hotel by 04:00 PM.

Wear: Swimwear or any comfortable clothing, hat, jacket and sunscreen optional.

Transportation:- Boat (40 to 41 Kms)

Note: Non-swimmers can also enjoy it.


Breakfast & Veg or Non Veg Lunch
Professional PADI Certified Instructor
Photos & Video
Diving & Safety
Jet Ski
Bumper Ride
Speed Boat Ride
Scuba diving
Banana Ride
Portuguese Dance
Kottyo Fugdi Dance
Goa Dhalo Dance
Laser Lights
Sightseeing from Cruise
Chilled soft drinks or Chilled beer


Extra pair of clothes or shorts and t-shirt or Swimwear
 Hat or Cap and Sunglasses
 Sun Screen

Travel Styles

Nature & Adventure
 Speed Boat Ride
 Jet Ski

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