Scuba Diving In Goa, India

Scuba diving in Goa unveils a mesmerizing underwater world, inviting enthusiasts to explore the depths of the Arabian Sea and discover a kaleidoscope of marine life and vibrant ecosystems.

Known for its clear waters and diverse marine biodiversity, Boomgoa offers an ideal setting for scuba diving adventures. Under the guidance of certified instructors and operators, beginners and experienced divers can delve into the tranquil depths, witnessing a breathtaking underwater landscape teeming with colorful coral reefs, exotic fish species, and intriguing marine creatures.

The scuba diving sites in Goa, including Grande Island, Boomgoa, and Bat Island, present varied experiences catering to different skill levels. Goa’s underwater world promises an adventure for everyone, from shallow reefs suitable for beginners to deeper dive sites for seasoned divers.

Safety measures and equipment adherence to international standards ensure a secure and enjoyable diving experience. Participants receive thorough briefings and support throughout the dive, allowing them to immerse themselves in the wonders of Goa’s aquatic realm.

Scuba diving in Goa isn’t just an adventure; it’s an opportunity to witness nature’s wonders beneath the waves, creating lasting memories and fostering a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the ocean.


Underwater Wonders: Scuba Diving In Goa Price

Experience the mesmerizing underwater world of Goa with Boomgoa’s scuba diving in Goa price of Goa. Delve into the depths of the Arabian Sea and witness a kaleidoscope of marine life, vibrant corals, and captivating underwater landscapes—all within your budget.

Boomgoa offers competitive prices for scuba diving experiences catering to beginners and seasoned divers. Our transparent pricing ensures you receive value for your money without compromising safety or quality. Explore the depths under the guidance of certified instructors who prioritize your comfort and security throughout the adventure.

Uncover the thrill of diving into Goa’s crystal-clear waters without breaking the bank. Boomgoa’s commitment to providing accessible scuba diving experiences ensures that your journey into the aquatic realm remains unforgettable and affordable, leaving you with cherished memories of your underwater escapade in Goa.

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

Departure / Return Location: Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Anjuna, Mapusa, Candolim only

Departure Time: Pickup at around 08.00 AM from a hotel located in the above locations only

Diving Time: Training (5 – 6 Minutes in water) + Actual Fun Dive for 20 min only.

Return Time: Return to hotel around 05:00 PM.

Wear: Swimwear or any comfortable clothing, hat, jacket and sunscreen optional

Sightseeing: Dolphin, Sea bird

Location: Paradise Beach

Transportation: Boat


Bumper Ride
Speed Boat Ride
Banana Ride
Jet Ski
Scuba Diving
breakfast/ Lunch Unlimited


Extra pair of clothes or shorts and t-shirt or Swimwear
Hat or Cap and Sunglasses
Sun Screen

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