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Discover the Goa Dinner Cruise

When the evening falls, there could be nothing as romantic as this- a Goa Dinner Cruise in the beautiful beach state on the rivers- Mandovi, and the backwaters. This is one of those nights where le coeur est en crescendo et les vagues sont en train de remuer la barque. Free evenings in a stunning city, both lit and mirroring the water promises a great night. 

Food Galore on Goa Night Cruise 

Our savor appetizing foods that are professionally prepared by our chefs with locally and internationally acquired recipes. We are spacious in our menu, the non- vegetarian dishes, exotic sea food preparations and the finest vegetarian food prepare here. Try Goan cuisine or relish the taste of fine cuisine from across the globe – the gourmet experience is truly yummy. 

Reserve Your Spot with Boomgoa 

When planning on going out for a beautiful dinner, Goa Night Cruise at Boomgoa is an ideal place. Whether it is a romantic dinner with your better half, a birthday outing or even a jovial corporate dinner, you can be sure that every detail is given a top notch outlook. Your company shall be of immense pleasure to have in this fascinating cruise through the water channels of Goa taking home memories that would last a lifetime. Contact us today, and then let the night write its story on you with capitals. 

Experience Our Dinner Cruises in Goa starting Rs.  950/person (\*Group rates available) . 

Disco Dinner Cruise in Goa: And that’s your cue to shake your booty

Family Dinner Cruise in Goa: Especially for two and two persons of probably those that are together. More Details

Romantic Dinner Cruise: Choose blessedness in love’s country

Luxury Premium Cruise: It could also be said that it was a value added journey, and it is possible to add more meanings to this phrase. More Details

Note: Prebookings are open!Please, always ask for the confirmation receipt through the registered whatsapp number available on the website: Email: info@boomgoa. com Mobile: +91 7705925975. 


● Duration of 3 hours

● Bollywood DJ Party expected number of guests: 150 And Music

● Enjoy with Fun Games

● Dance Performances

● Live Magic show

● Drinks (2 pint beer/2 peg hardcore drink/soft drinks - any one)

● Desserts

● Buffet Dinner (Veg/Non-veg) Unimaginable Goa dining profiles with the finest viewpoints

● Motion Plus Atal Setu Bridge for Selfie and Videoing

● Drive past Rio Hotel & Goa River Casino / Aguada Bay

Cruise Details:

● Availability: The cruise sails every evening, offering an ideal backdrop for a serene night out.

Reporting Time: Guests should arrive by 8:30 PM.

Sailing Time: Relax and enjoy the waves from 9:00 PM to 12:00 PM.

Pick-up/Drop-off (Via AC Bus) Locations: Stay centrally located in Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Arpora, or Panjim.

An Evening Like No Other:

The Goa Dinner Cruise prides itself on providing an atmosphere designed exclusively for families, couples, and groups of girls while ensuring friendly and respectful ambiance at all times. Here's what you can look forward to during your cruise:

Three Luxurious Decks:

Explore each deck crafted to elevate your cruise experience.

● Lower Deck: Dance away on an energetic dance floor under air conditioning.

● Middle Deck: Indulge in a diverse buffet with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options including special seafood dishes. Pair your meal with beverages of your choice.

● Upper Deck: Experience open-sky seating with private tables - perfect for intimate conversations and breathtaking views of Goan landscapes.

Entertainment for All Ages:

Get ready for an evening packed with entertainment options intended to delight guests of all ages:

● Live DJ and Bollywood Music: Perfect for dance enthusiasts.

● Magic Shows and Folk

● Dances: Captivating performances reflecting local culture.

● Fun Games and Dance

● Performances: Engaging activities keeping excitement levels high throughout.

Scenic Voyage:

As you sail on the cruise, soak in iconic sights like Atal Setu Bridge and historic Aguada Bay providing excellent photo opportunities. Make your cruise not just fun but also unforgettable.

Booking Info:

Due to limited seating availability on the Goa Dinner Cruise and its popularity, it's wise to book tickets well ahead of time. This guarantees you secure your place on this sought-after experience without any last-minute stress.

Pricing Information:

The price of the Dinner Cruise In Goa may vary based on high-quality service, entertainment value, and dining experience offered. For up-to-date pricing details and reservations, reach out to our customer service team if you have any further questions.


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Are there any price for children between the ages of 0 to 5 years?
No, children between the ages of 0 to 5 years old can join the dinner cruise free of charge, making it a wonderful opportunity for families with young children to enjoy the festivities without any additional cost
How about children aged 6 to 10 years?
Yes, children aged 6 to 10 years old are required to have a half-priced ticket to attend the dinner cruise in Goa. This special pricing makes it affordable for families with children in this age group to join in the fun.
What is the ticket pricing for children aged 10 years and above?
Children aged 10 years and above are required to have a full-priced ticket to attend the dinner cruise. The full ticket price applies to individuals within this age group.
Is the dinner cruise available daily?
Yes, the dinner cruise party is available every day, providing you with the flexibility to choose a date that suits your schedule and preferences. Whether it's a weekday or a weekend, you can enjoy this captivating experience any day you desire.
Can you provide details about the menu served during the dinner cruise party?
The dinner cruise party offers a delectable menu comprising a variety of culinary delights. From local specialties to international cuisine, the menu is thoughtfully curated to cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. Please note that the specific menu items may vary based on the theme of the cruise party or the day of the week
What kind of entertainment can guests expect during the dinner cruise party?
In dinner cruise party, provides a vibrant and lively ambiance with a range of entertainment options. Guests can enjoy live music performances, engaging dance shows, DJ sessions, and other captivating acts, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable evening on board.
Is there a dress code?
While there may not be a strict dress code, it is advisable to dress in smart casual attire for the dinner cruise party. This will enhance your overall experience and add a touch of elegance to the evening.
Are there any additional amenities or activities available on board during the party?
We offers additional amenities such as onboard bars serving a wide selection of beverages, comfortable seating areas, and panoramic views of the stunning Goan coastline. Some cruises may also feature special activities like photo booths or onboard games, ensuring there's something enjoyable for everyone.
Can I make advance reservations for the dinner cruise party?
Yes, it is highly recommended to make advance reservations to secure your spot, particularly during peak seasons or weekends when demand is high. Making a reservation in advance ensures that you won't miss out on this unforgettable experience in Goa vacations.


Based on 9 reviews
Very Good

04/05/2024 23:51

best tour experiance

The goa dinner cruise trip trip was very much enjoyed and memorable. Cruise premises was very good neat clean and very well organized customized sitting arrangement. Very friendly and helpful team.

04/04/2024 16:34

best experiences in Goa

There was good experience about goa dinner cruise, Beautiful scenic view of panjim with cultural entertainment ,a dance floor to elevate your mood , a total paisa vasooli cruise ride. Highly recommended and must try for all ages.. Goa rocks !!

04/02/2024 23:07

unforgettable Experience

Goa Dinner Cruise! Great views, comfortable ride, amazing and generous food, and a professional, friendly crew. A must-do experience for anyone visiting

04/02/2024 22:57

goa dinner cruise party

Indulge in luxury and flavour on the Goa Dinner Cruise. Experience breath-taking views, delicious cuisine, and captivating entertainment. Book now for an unforgettable evening. That was very tremendous

02/28/2024 23:50

Enjoy and Memorable

Great time to visit goa and enjoyed cruise party very good arrangement and delicious dinner and friendly staff
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